5 Global Trends to Expect for 2017

5 Global Trends to Expect for 2017

Let’s be honest, 2016 was weird. Like every year before it, it had its ups and downs, including trends on consumer behaviors. Stay on top of your business with 2017’s consumer market predictions. Trendwatching.com does a fantastic researching consumer demand, and if their predictions for 2016 were any indication, these are worth considering.

1. The Virtual Experience Economy

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences will continue to increase in demand, and status as well. Affluent types will probably latch onto these experiences(especially full VR) until cost decreases for mass-market, but the sky’s the limit for where this technology could go. Video games and virtual tours are obvious first starts but expect AR programs like shopping applications in stores as well.

2. Worlds Apart: Globalism v. Nationalism.

2016 offered some interesting changes in politics, some recent examples including Brexit, Donald Trump, and the Refugee crisis in a war-torn middle east. Our planet is becoming more interconnected, but many don’t want this change to come at the expense of national sovereignty. We don’t want to start any political debates here but pay attention to your consumer base and target markets. Ask: what are they feeling?

3. Incognito Individuals

With an increasing digital presence in almost every aspect of our lives, the need for privacy is a growing concern. Privacy tabs on internet browsers are here to stay, but news stories of websites being hacked and millions having personal information about them subsequently leaked to the public means preserving privacy is an ongoing concern of many. Make sure your publics know the information they give you stays private.

4. Capacity Capture

With resource sharing programs like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, it’s becoming more difficult to justify owning things you don’t use often. Houses and Cars are the first step towards this trend, but there’s tons of untapped potential waiting here. If it’s a resource or a tool, chances are a digital application or marketplace would be a great hub to coordinate its usage.

5. Big Brother Brands

Expect technology companies to continue to grow, especially in pursuit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). these pursuits will ultimately be used to craft more personal, custom digital experiences for users. Google Home is one example of this, using a voice-controlled speaker powered by Google Assistant to help with daily tasks and, music, and answering questions you ask it.

You can check out Trendwatching.com’s article in full here. I’ve summarized many of their points above, but you can jump into greater detail on each of the above points. Here’s to a better 2017, armed with the trends you’ll need to succeed.