August 1, 2017

Are Tech Giants Becoming Too Big To Fail?

We buy them, download their apps, upload personal information to them, take selfies with, share feelings to and disclose our locations, trading connection and convenience for targeted advertising and more. Ours is a digital era, delivered to us by the Gods of Amazon, Facebook, and Google. But in spite of these benefits bestowed upon us by this new technological era, the dreaded “M” word hangs on the lips of some. Monopoly. It’s borderline sacrilege to argue against the benefits these […]
February 1, 2017

This Augmented Reality Game is Being Used by the United Nations to Promote Global Goals

For many people today, the digital world and the real world are two separate things. Understandably so, given the sum of everything digital is reduced to nothing more than physical racks of air-conditioned servers humming with electricity. It appears that way of thinking is rapidly changing, and the lines between the two are beginning to blur. Niantic recently partnered with the UN’s Global Goals, a 17 point plan that attempts to resolve many of the issues our world is facing, […]