January 1, 2018

Comparing Bitcoin to the Dollar is Irrelevant

Author’s note:  This article is intended as commentary only, and not to offer financial or investment advice. At the writing of this blog, Bitcoin prices have flirted with $10,000 USD, but market volatility has made daily growth virtually unpredictable.  By the time you read this who knows what it will value at. There’s been explosive talk surrounding bitcoin’s growth and the idea behind cryptocurrencies lately, so it’s worth delving into and exploring.  We’re not here to persuade one way or […]
May 1, 2017

The Next Unicorn Startup is Here to Not Take Your Money

Who says you need a large sum of cash and fancy investors with dispensable advice to start trading stocks? Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev are two people who certainly don’t believe that idea. Together, they co-founded a stock trading app that thinks outside the conventional wisdoms and methods seen in today’s financial sector. Bhatt and Tenev believe in an alternative form of trading that’s more inclusive, so they created Robinhood, a new online trading app that doesn’t charge you per […]